Deleting markers or bones blender bug

Hey there,

It’s a broad and hard to describe issue but as the title says. Deleting a marker creates some issues, usually simulations don’t record after a marker has been deleted.

Reopening a file after a marker has been deleted makes the deleted markers reappear on the viewport even if they don’t appear in the outliner or in the group member’s list.

Same as if a bone is deleted even if it isn’t participating in the animation or in the hierarchy of the bones assigned to markers. The entire solver can disappear and not come back even after reloading the file.

Another strange behavior is that when the marker comes back after reopening, if you delete all physics and press Ctrl+z to go back one step and force some sort of a refresh the marker finally disappears from the viewport but the issues persist

It haven’t been specific to a single file or project, just in general and randomly.

If there was a way to refresh ragdoll to fix whatever internal dependencies it has it would make things a lot easier. My only solution until now has been to delete all physics and remake the ragdolls but that’s a lot of work and gets in the way of the iterative process

Thanks for reporting this @RagollMyIKs, and welcome to the forums! :partying_face:

We are investigating now, will post here once we’ve got something. If you are able to provide a step-by-step of any one of the issues you are seeing, we would be in a much better position to solve exactly what you are facing.

For example:

  1. Create cube
  2. Assign cube
  3. Undo
  4. Boom