Debris / Tentacle Sim for a Halo Short cinematic


So bought the plugin 2 days ago i think now and i bought it for literally simming debris / tentacles where i can. Still need to figure out the faff of setting up humans with limits and all that stuff (would love a preset that we can ‘retarget’ in a sense to my rig so i dont have to worry about setting it all up myself - maybe thats possible wtih the mannequin stuff that comes with the plugin).

But for now - super satisfied with how the debris reacting, really happy with the tentacle motion too, nice and natural.

Lots to do yet for this shot to be final, but for an evenings worth of fussing around with different debris placements etc i settled on this :slight_smile:

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Thanks for sharing! :heart_eyes:

Looks great. :slight_smile: You can achieve some more realistic interaction with the ground by making the ground into one or more simulated boxes too (like a hangbridge). They will give way to the weight of the debris, rather than make them come to a complete halt on one frame as though the ground was infinitely hard marble.