Dead Body Sim

My first attempt at ragdoll simulations, I wanted to start with something simple to learn how to operate this wonderful addon.

I started off with the body and then I added a few dynamic rocks and twigs,
I love how the addon voxelised the objects and I could control the amount of voxels,
It’s fantastic! I only used a couple of minutes to set up the basics.

Combining that with cloth sims, oh baby!


Fabulous. :slight_smile: Any chance you could post what the Markers look like in the viewport?

Thank you!!
There was a slight offset, I moved the scene slightly

I made a mini breakdown of the processes (It’s not much)


Great great great! Thank you for sharing!

I’m interested to hear about your workflow, and what you found challenging. Especially in getting started. It’s an early integration, so we expect there to be papercuts scattered around the software, so don’t be shy. :blush:

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I was surprised at how easy it was to use once I wrapped my head around it.
It didn’t take long at all!
I still don’t understand constraints and retargeting with IKs but I know there is some info on that.
I have so many ideas for how I’ll implement this into my workflow, and I feel very excited now to have this tool!

I had an error at times when I wanted to bake the simulation, it appeared to be a Python thing
maybe that’s on me I wasn’t sure (I didn’t take a screenshot of it)

When I restarted the software it would work fine!

Good to hear. :slight_smile:

Oh please do. There should be no need to restart the software/Blender, bugs are not allowed in Ragdoll.