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Hey all! newbie here. Im doing a test, playing around.

A Lion has a deer in its mouth from the neck.

Does anyone know how i can attached a ragdoll deer to a lion mouth from the neck. Everything is set up from the root to the neck as fk inherit and constraint isnt working.

I tried to constrain one of the deers neck controls to the lions jaw control…but isnt working. I’m obviously doing something wrong.

thanks in advance!

Hey Anton, welcome to the forums :partying_face:

@Jason is sharing some things in a moment, and if you’ve got a screenshot of what you’ve got so far that could help. I’ll also leave this here which is similar.

Hi Anton! welcome to the forums,

Have you tried using a pin constrain it creates a shape that you can parent under any hierarchy in maya .
I roughed out a deer in this video, made a pin constraint and parented that pin under a lion head… you can constrain or parent, you’re preference

I have translated the solver over to see the input and result side by side - this does not effect the simulation backing back to the rig


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Here’s the file if you’d like to have a look.

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wow thats amazing thanks so much for the speedy replies guys. I’l let you know my result. thanks Jason / Marcus

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so im kinda getting somewhere thanks to your videos and help. My rigs butt is spinning like crazy. any reason?

Making SOME small progress and having heaps of fun.

  1. Can I increase the radius of the deer’s torso to help with the legs collision but without changing the weight? when i increase the radius, my deer falls to the floor like a big, yet heavy water balloon
  2. Can I make limit the legs rotation so they’re anatomically correct?

thanks again!

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Hey his butt isn’t spinning anymore.
Looking neat!
I was going to suggest extracting the simulation

This creates Joints from the markers and you can then constrain the ctlrs to these new joints if Attach Controls is enabled .

For Density -

Have a look here for Limits on the markers and the Manipulator
Manipulator - Learn Ragdoll

Let me know if this helps


Did you find the reason for this? :thinking: I suspect the problem occurs during recording, when the hip is constrained to the simulation. If the spine is a child of some other, more complex controller with space switches and maybe a SplineIK solver, then it may spit out a number of cycle warnings along the way.

Since I can’t reproduce your problem here, I can’t say for sure, but there’s a newer option that sometimes has an effect on cycles called Closed Loop Recording, try this.

Using the Extract Simulation command that Jason mentioned is a good way to spot this. It will run through the Record Simulation command, up until constraining it to the simulation, but before actually baking the keys. It’ll give you a chance to see what’s going on.

Normally, if every shape matches the character, you should be getting the most natural result.

Sometimes however, you do need more control and then you can either:

  1. Nudge the Density
  2. Take complete control with Mass

Density computes the mass based on the shape. If you don’t want that, you can set Density = Off which will expose the manual Mass attribute. You can see the final computed value of Density in the Manipulator for that shape.

Yes, see here.

sorry i missed these replies! thanks so much. will try it as soon as i can.

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