Davy Jones Animation

Used ragdoll on the secondary tentacles as well as the body. This plugin is brilliant!


Awesome! :heart_eyes:

Would it be possible to see a playblast of what the Markers look like?

Also curious about what this looks like, from the video description: :blush:

Primary tenacle dynamics was created using a custom nHair system.

Yes ofcourse Ill send one when I get home. Have to dig in the old files cause I usually delete the ragdoll system after baking.
Yep I’ll show the nHair system too. :smile:
It’s basically a nHair curve that I attached clusters to the original curve (not the dynamic curve) and constrained the controllers to the clusters. Smart curve attract is set to 1 so that the dynamic curve follows the original curve but has dynamic properties to it. This dynamic curve is then attached to a bone chain using IK Spline. Now the bone chain follows the dynamic curve and the dynamic curve follows the animation given to the original curve.

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