Creating a braid which has two fixed ends


Hi, I am tring to make a braid which is like this, but how to get two ends steady?

Hi @JEREMY and welcome to the forums! :partying_face:

Let one end of your braid be connected to the head, and for tip → head you have 3 choices.

  1. Attach Constraint
  2. Distance Constraint
  3. Weld Constraint

These effectively closes the loop and makes both end attach to the head. Weld has no softness and cannot be animated, Distance has no rotation and Attach is the most powerful but also most complex.

I solved by making the other side of end joint in animated behavior, it seems work.
Btw, any tutorials in Youtube, really hard to find. But the software does well and easy to use.
Any skirt tutorial to watch?

Ah yes, indeed. Option 4. The limitation here is that you cannot simulate the head, whereas with a constraint that remains possible.

All our tutorials on YouTube are here, are these the ones you mean?

Yeah, I watched some of them, learnt hairs, but no skirt or clothing in the youtube channel.

Have a go with the search field on the forums too.

Yeah, I am looking for the tutorial for the princess skirt one. Something like that, but only I see the cape case so far.

It’s exactly the same method; a series of Markers with distance constraints between them.

Since we’re veering off-topic, I’d suggest opening a new one for your skirt, and include some results.

Sure, thanks sir, in testing, looking deeper to it now.