Could not connect to license server


When trying to load the temp license for the july challenge, I can’t seem to connect to the license server and get a “request lease” / “continue” pop up window, exactly like V4NDL0 had a few days ago; if I press continue, all the markers disappear, if I press request lease, I have the connection error

I followed the installation guide (downloaded and launched the MSI, opened a maya, launched the july competition script), and I do have internet. Any clues as to why it doesn’t work?


Hm, that’s odd. Can you try running this?

import socket

    socket.create_connection(("", 8003)).close()
    print("You've got internet")
except OSError:
    print("Maya can't reach the internet")

It should tell you whether Maya can connect to the internet, or not.

Hey Marcus,

Just tried, it returned me the following error:

# Error: error: file E:\Programmes\Maya\Maya2020\Maya2020\bin\\ line 575: 10013 # 

I’m trying on maya 2020.1, if that can help!

Not the error I was expecting, but an error nonetheless. It looks like Maya can’t communicate with the internet. Likely suspects are anti-virus software or any kind of firewall. Do you have access to a different machine you can try this on?

Quick google on that error code reveals this.

Hey! After following your anti-virus and firewall leads, reading the stackoverflow link and a few head scratches, I remembered I set a special rule to block maya in my firewall’s advanced settings a while ago. Removing this rule has made the license work!

Thanks for your help!