Collision Geometry

What is the best way to make collisions between multiple cloth? Is possible to make the geometry of two cloths collide so they don’t cross? Thank you!

Hi @Manuel_Jimenez, thanks for posting the question here, and welcome to the forums. :partying_face:

Can you share anything on what you’ve tried so far? There’s this which covers contacts between a single sheet of cloth and a body, and the technique would be the same for cloth-to-cloth as well.

Hello, it is similar to the skirt of the video “Ragdoll cloth”. Would it be possible to see the scene to see the setup? I am very interested in seeing the configuration of the markers, shapes and constraints.

Nutshell skirts? I’m not sure I understand which ones you mean, can you be more specific? Do you have a link or an image?

I’m sorry, the mobile dictionary has betrayed me. I was referring to the scene “Ragdoll cloth” from the thread “any tips or suggestion for cloth animation” In this scene the model works with two skirts and the collisions are perfect. I would like to do something similar in a personal project.


Aha, yes in that case there is nothing different; just two sets of that same cloth from the thread. They would interact per default. If you try, post your progress here and I’d be able to provide more specific pointers.