Collide with Parent + Import Physics

Hi! First off, thanks for the great Plugin. LOVING it!!

I’ve found that when importing a .RAG into an animation scene, some attributes are not coming through… Specifically the ‘Collide With Parent’ option in AttributeEditor > Advanced.

Interestingly, ‘Ignore Gravity’ works fine…

I’ve definitely set this option in the file I am building and exporting Ragdoll from, but it’s lost on Import. Any suggestions?

Thanks again! Tool is amazing :slight_smile:

Hi @Aiden_Young, welcome to the forums! :partying_face:

You are right! This one is missing. It’s included in the .rag file, but isn’t taken into consideration during import. I’ll add this to the next release, set for about 2 weeks from now. So the good news is that your exported files are safe, the attribute is there.

Thanks for pointing this out!

Amazing!! Quick and concise response. Much Obliged!! I look forward to the update :+1:

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Hi again. Thought I’d put in here too. Seems the ‘Ignore Mass’ option is also not being carried in on import. You probably know this already and maybe there are others but thought I’d add to this thread


I can confirm this is missing, this time on both import and export. Meaning your existing exports will not remember this attribute either.

Please keep adding, we were not aware of this. Including this in the next release. The beta of it is starting later today, ping me if you’d like to join.