Closed Loop

Here’s a quick tip. :slight_smile:

If you ever find yourself wanting a closed loop, like a hula hoop, you can reparent the root to the tip.

Wrap your head around that! :exploding_head:



I just learned, this cannot currently be recorded. :hugs:

The trouble is, in order for Ragdoll to record anything, it must first translate your dynamic hierarchy into a Maya hierarchy. But! A Maya hierarchy cannot have closed loops; a parent cannot be a child of any of its children.

This will be fixed, but for now, enjoy the simulation and the idea of closed loops.

Here’s a follow-up on this, for when you do need to close a loop. Using a Weld constraint.

General setup, with a quick bust.

Next, use a Weld constraint to close the loop - it not being a parent means we can safely record this. :partying_face:

Finally, I noticed that the Capsule shape gets a bit iffy with contacts against a complex mesh like this, and got better results using a Box shape instead.

Few things to notice:

  1. Scene scale to dial in overall size of your scene, in this case 0.5 looked decent
  2. Lower the Friction on both the necklace and bust, so that they slide over each other
  3. Lower the Pose Stiffness on the necklace group, to let it move a little more freely

That’s it! Enjoy :partying_face:

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I used a weld constraint for my necklace. I figured I couldn’t break the hierarchy. I honestly didn’t know about the reparent option.