Cheese Rolling RACE

Howdy! Worked on this idea for a bit today. probably too complex! ><

Audio Sample from

This is a great idea! :smiley:

thanks! I think I have set up a good default
scene scale and tension for the crabs!

gonna try put this in a different ground.

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did some test with distance constraint… seems cool to locked and release.

another test with falling

Any suggestion to help ragdoll to fall onto a specific spot?
Doing trial and errors to get it to kinda get to the spot for composition.

Hahaha! this is great! Oh yes trying to get physics to land in just the right spot. You could put a pin constraint that’s placed at the end position you’d like and slowly ramp up the strength that might work ( I’ll test my side too)

@kaehwai Here’s a quick tutorial I put together that might help you.

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Amazng! Thanks jason!:cowboy_hat_face:

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wip progress.

had some trouble with distance constraint, i tried to bake, to maintain cheese roll position and then doing distance constraint for part 2. cant seem to be able to adjust the constraint parent and child position. or its very off.

since theres a number of sim baked. gotta think about how to get them to react to each other without bumping off.

probably too much camera panning.

anyhow! happy to hear feedback!

NICE! it’s coming together nicely!

You could for the pick up at the end put a pin on the cheese and have the claw Distance constrained to the cheese, so you not worrying about the claw actually picking up the cheese.

Only thing I might add are some crazy legs when they’re rolling down the hill and maybe the end crab struggling to pick the cheese up.


Sweet! Thanks for the tip!
Yeah, I will add another ragdoll pass for the legs.

Hopefully, maybe add more crowds rolling down haha and spectators :smiley:

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Crowds! Pulling out all the stops!

Had my fun! ahaha! probably gonna put this down and do something else!
art direction wise, couldnt really get it to be appealing as I like. Probably a good basic run through with the tutorial will help!

Feel like ragdoll is a great tool to see the 3D world and physic and having the scene to work. Art direction wise, really need to put more hands on to the plugin to make the most out of it!

thanks for the support Jason and Marcus!

workflow wise,

crab - set up pin / solver base tension
animate with pins and distance constraint
Quite enjoy the first crab throw :slight_smile:

kinda swap crab between solver and non solver to repeat process

couldnt get a plan to work as I like. So walking is wonky!

Its quite a while of trial and error for the landing position. Ended up with position adjustment for final position

second part when picking up the cheese, used a constraint instead… distance constraint kinda wobble around :frowning:

Throw in some clouds / ball with airflow and follow through dynamic.



Hey Kae!

A Solid submission! and with sound too! this turned out nicely! the crabby jumping for joy at the end and the ball was a great touch! glad you had fun with Ragdoll :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing your process too! always enlightening knowing the steps.

First to cross the finish line! :star:

Yes, well done and thanks for sharing @kaehwai! :partying_face:

I’d also be very interested in seeing your less successful versions; you mentioned not getting it appealing enough, any videos of what that looks like? Maybe we can spot something or come up with some ideas for future animations. And about your plan, I’d love to see that wonky walk too.

about the plan, I think because it is walking and doesnt fit into the timing and terrain. Causing not enough iterations. Probably, creatively I left it to ragdoll thats why it is complaining to me that hey… you dint fit me on the right spot. :smiley:

I guess I need to explore more on how to art direct that. When I work specifically on the plan default horizontal movement. it is great!

about posing,

Its more about if I want the limbs to create a certain rythm, i am not sure how to tell ragdoll… hey, I want it to reach this pose but also physic is accurate. I guess we can create animation pose but I was trying to manipulate the joints while ragdolled hoping that it will result to an appealing result.

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Your breakdowns and feed back are great! For the posing - you could always do a snap to simulation and adjust the pose- this will be a key frame on the input animation and then crank up the pose Stiffness a bunch for the sim to hold its self in that pose .

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