Chattering Teeth

Chattering Teeth

I’ll be adding a walk through of this rig in this thread as soon (644.4 KB)

The root ctrl marker is in custom space with world Pose Translation set to 0 this keeps the teeth from falling over


Have fun!



Written for Ragdoll 2022.02.22 and above.

estimated time

  • :clock1: 5 minutes

You will learn

  • :heavy_check_mark: How to reference a rig with Ragdoll applied
  • :heavy_check_mark: What the ctrls do
  • :heavy_check_mark: Record down to the ctrls when you are done

If you find or run into any issues with this tutorials, here’s what you can do.

Referencing and looking over the rig.

Reference in the rig the rig will come in at origin in its default pose.

We reference the rig as to not by mistake delete a part of the rig.

Push play on the timeline. The Markers will drop and hit the ground plane.

The 2 Jaw ctrls are dark blue, the root is yellow. The motor (walking ctrl) is Cyan

NOTE the Root ctlr is in Custom space 1 this means it’s in world space and will try keep its rotation matching the ctlrs rotation in the world we made the World Pose Translation 0 so it won’t be locked to the ctrls position.

Animation time!

Lets move the Solver over to see what we’re doing.

  • select the Motor_Ctrl the cyan one
  • key frame Rotate X at frame 1 --the value should be 0
  • Go forward to frame 18 , type in Rotate X a value of -720
  • Open the graph Editor and extend the handles and loop

Your teeth are now walking :slight_smile:

All you have to do now is animate the jaws motion

  • Start with an open mouth.
  • Match frame 20 with the first frame (this will be a 20 frame cycle) Key both frames.
  • Lets do a closed jaw pose at frame 5 so we have a sharp close and a slow open ( nice spacing)
  • Open the Graph Editor and loop the Jaws curves

Your teeth are now walking AND talking :slight_smile:

Time to Record

  • Check to see if Maintain Offset is From Start
    *Hit apply

The simulation is now Cached and baked onto the rig as an animation layer

Have fun!