Character pose "presets" as spring attractors

Thank you for this incredibly promising tool! Just started playing around with it and it’s already clear that it’s a game changer.

One thing that caught my interest from older tutorial videos was a part in the mimic workflow. There was a possibility to create a mimic of a subchain (like a leg), and use it as a pose to attract the rig.

This gave me a couple of ideas handling tails/tentacles. Let’s say I had a character with a tail and I made several mimic poses for the tail. If I understood correctly, in the previous workflow I could “ping” these poses by animating how much they influence the rig - so the rig would be spring-attracted towards the poses, but otherwise be handled by the simulation.

Maybe in practice this wouldn’t make much sense (I’m neither a rigger nor an animator), but in my mind this enabled a workflow where one could define pose presets and mix between them in a non-linear fashion. Is there a similar way to do this with the new ragdoll version, with the constraints/etc?

Thanks a lot!

Hi @Balazs_Simon and welcome to the forums!

Yes indeed, the mimic workflow was very cool and is now a native and default part of Ragdoll behaviour. Every character will mimic the local orientation of the animated controllers, and the Pin Constraint can be used for world space control.

For a separate hierarchy of local controls, you can use the Attach Constraint instead.