Changing density - what am I doing wrong?

Hello, I noticed that it’s better if density is evenly distributed over the ragdoll part… at least in my brief experience!

But I find a bit tedious to change the values, I have to keep selecting the manipulator to get to the new capsule, and when i do, all the capsules colors turn to grey and i can’t see anymore the mass value color grading. To do that, i need to deselect the manipulator, and keep working a bit in a “guessing” game : )

is there a better way to do this?

thanks in advance!

Yes, that indeed looks quite tedious! I would suggest making changes via the Channel Box instead. That way you’ll see changed reflected interactively.

If you wanted a perfect consistency, you can also try a Density = 0. That will give all Markers a Mass = 1 that you can later tweak.

Generally, you are right that things behave more stable with a more consistent mass; except when there are too many parts connected to just one part. Such as a hand with many fingers where each bone weighs as much as the whole upper arm. It’ll also act as though the hand weighs that much, which isn’t always what you’d expect. But worth experimenting with!