Can't record simulation

Blender version: 3.6.8
Ragdoll Dynamics version: 2024.04.09

Everything works fine until I hit Record Simulation. My character is standing still but has all the keyframes. I looked at the F-Curves and they are practically flat.
I tried using the addon with the simple sphere object and got the same result.

P. S. also when I hit Snap to Simulation it gives me this message: “Ragdoll: This version of Ragdoll is newer than your AUP”

Hey @Zack, welcome to the forums :partying_face:

Did you already have a licence for Ragdoll with Maya? The message would indicate that the licence you have included updates 1 year into the future, but this Blender release is past that date hence you would need to renew your Annual Upgrade Program to benefit from newer releases.

See here for pricing options.

It’s also possible the checking algorithm messed up, in which case reach out to me via with your serial and I’ll see what we can do.

No, I’m using the trial version

Then this is a bug, thanks for reporting this. I’ll try and get a new version out on Monday. Till then, you can use the previous version.

See how to upgrade here.

Thank you, this version works great!

New version is up! Thanks again for reporting this @Zack

@marcus just tried the new version, but still got the same bug

Oh lord. Could you post a screenshot of your licence UI? It’s the bottom item in the Ragdoll menu.


Thanks, this looks correct.

And if you:

  1. Make a cube
  2. Assign to this cube
  3. Record

Then the cube ends up not having any keyframes? Do you see the message about AUP when you attempt to record?

The cube does have keyframes, but it’s not moving. there’s no animation, the f-curves are flat. I only see the AUP message when I use Snap to Simulation

Sorry about this, having another go at this tomorrow morning. :woman_factory_worker: Thanks for your patience.

New version is up! Double-thanks again for reporting this twice @Zack, I did spot the issue and expect to have squashed it now. Please have another go!

You fixed it! Thank you =)

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