Can't move the pivot from center of the pinned object

Again, as in the subject:
Using Pin Constraint, I saw somewhere in docs that manipulating maya pivot is enough to tell plugin where pin object around when pinned to world:

Pressing edit pivot on rMarker and moving it to the end of the stick (where I want it “hinged” to the world) does nothing. Trying to move the + cross (Pin icon?) does nothing as well. The stick rotates around the center no matter what. What am I doing wrong? Editing pivot on the original stick object also does not change anything…

Until the next release, the only way to change the pivot of a pin constraint is to move the geometry itself. That is, if you need the pivot at the end of that cylinder, move the vertices such that the end is located at the center of the Maya object.

This will be added in the next release!

Thanks, I hope new version will not make old scenes pivot’s behaving oddly :slight_smile: Any ETA?

Back at a computer, here is an example of what I described above, along with an alternative.

Alternative 1 - Shape Offset

If you can’t go to the mountain, move the mountain to you. Not ideal, but could get you out of a sticky situation.

Alternative 2 - Reassign

Keep the control, but assign to a different Maya transform whose pivot is correct. You’ll notice the shape will become offset, because the Shape Offset values were relative the previous control. In this case, I compensate for that by editing those values. In the case of a Mesh you can use Replace Mesh on the same mesh to have Ragdoll re-compensate for the new transform.

Reassigning will preserve where keyframes go when you Record Simulation, should this should suffice for most cases. If you need the pivot of the control to be at the center, you can move the pivot of the locator back. That would use one pivot for your animation, and another for Ragdoll.

It will not, every new release of Ragdoll is entirely backwards compatible and will not break anything you make today.