Can you update an existing scene ragdoll with a new rag file?

Specific use case I ran into.
1.Updated a rig to include IK fingers.
2. Went to the retarget editor and added the new IK controls to the existing markers.
3. Exported new updated rag file.

Opened old scene.

  1. Tried to import new rag file. But no effect.

Deleting the physics and importing works fine - but I lose all the tweaks I’d made in the scene.

Not sure if this is a supported workflow?

Hi @_ed, in Maya there are two supported workflows.

  1. Import Physics - To import Markers anew onto an existing non-Ragdoll character
  2. Update Physics - To update the attributes, meshes and targets of existing Markers

It should be the case that if you import onto something you’ve already imported, existing Markers would be skipped and only new ones would be added.

However upon testing this here, there appears to be a bug in this particular scenario.

//   File "C:\Users\marcus\Documents\maya\modules\Ragdoll-2024_02_10\scripts\ragdoll\", line 194, in assign_markers
//     shape = transform.shape(type=("mesh",
// AttributeError: 'Node' object has no attribute 'shape'
// Warning: ragdoll._import_physics_wrapper() - An unexpected error occurred

We’ll patch this up asap.

That said, if your edits are solely retargets, then I expect Update Physics to suffice, can you confirm?

The update physics option is greyed out. Not sure what I am missing… sorry.

Update Physics was added a few months ago, see here.

ah - we are currently on version 2022.12.21