Can you start from CONTROLS instead of JOINTS?


I am new to Ragdoll and I am trying to set it up on Alpha from Agora. It’s a quite complicated rig already. Lot of Joints.

I am using the latest version of Ragdoll*

I have been trying to setup a Ragdoll using the CONTROLS and not the Joints. But I think I am missing something here, because I can’t get it to work.

All the videos I am watching use Joints and are not starting the setup from Controls…

I also tried to copy the settings from the ragdoll files available in the library but my legs and torso and arms fall separately I believe.

Can’t find a CLEAR video on how to setup a ragdoll by using CTRLS and NOT Joints.
I have been watching many of the videos, but nothing is really clear to me.

Could you make a video on this? I would like not to drop this tool, since I bought it…
Please help me understand how to set this up starting from a rig complicated like Alpha (available on Agora Community).


Hi @Sarah_Padoan, I’d be happy to make a video on this! Would it be possible to share what you’ve got already? That would help immensely in understanding where the hurdles may be. Also, if you can list the videos you’ve seen so far so I know where to begin and what to include and exclude in a new video.

For the rig, I found two alphas on the Agora site, which one would you like to see a video on?

Hi Matt,

Thank you for your answer. And apologies about my frustration quite perceivable I’m afraid.

Unfortunately the file crashed on me.
is the rig.

What I did was to create markers by selecting the controls. I didn’t use the “replace mesh” command yet.
Ragdoll created a lot of groups. One group for each limb… I thought it looked like too many groups.
I was selecting the controls together as in the hierarchy (first shoulder elbow and then hand for example).
It would then create a group after group after group and eventually something was falling but on its own without following the body it seemed. Like every group was behaving for its own.

I watched most of the playlist called Basics. But I noticed some videos were out of date on this topic.

I am just not clear on how to set it up starting from controls instead of joints.

Who’s Matt? :blush:

No problem, since I can’t see what you’ve got, I’ll need to do some guessing as to what could have gone wrong. It sounds like you may have either used Assign rather than Assign and Connect? If you do use Assign and Connect, perhaps when you created the arm you forgot to first select the already-assigned torso? In order for the arm to connect to the torso, the first selection should be something that’s already been assigned. If you only select the arm, then it would treat the arm as a new character (and make a new group for it).

I’ll upload a video of this character for you in a moment, stay tuned.

Marcus! I am so sorry!

Yes, I was using Assign and Connect each time.
Okay, I see, and I didn’t know that.

Thank you so much!

Here we go, I made it general for those who aren’t reading the forum too, if it sounds like I’m not talking to you then that’s why. :blush:

Let me know if there’s anything else you’d like to see.

Marcus! I think I get it! Big fan 🪭 Thank you!
Thank you so much for the video :slight_smile:

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