Bug? Marker shape becomes a "ball"

I using google translate.

I found a bug-like behavior.
That is, the shape of the marker becomes a “ball” regardless of the user’s intention.

My env is maya2023.3
Ragdoll ver is 2023.04.08

Here’s how to reproduce it.

  1. Save the scene with the attr of marker group “enable” set to “OFF”.
    2.Close the scene.
  2. Reopen the scene.
  3. Turn “enable” of the marker group attr to “ON”.
  4. You can see the shape of the marker becomes a “ball”.

Annoyingly, the shape attribute is still capsule, it’s not sphere.
However, the actual shape is a ball. So it’s not an easy fix.

I’ve verified that this issue reproduces with a very simple bones-only scene.
So I don’t think it’s a compatibility issue with our rig system.
Could you please check this?

Thank you.

Thanks for reporting this @norihide, I can confirm the issue on our end and will have it fixed in the next release.

As a workaround, I’m able to play the simulation and then return to the start frame to refresh their shape type. Can you confirm that this happens for you?


I can confirm that the same thing as your video happens in my environment.
I didn’t realize it could be fixed so easily.
Thank you for teaching me.

OK. Looking forward to the next version.
Thank you for reply.

Great news, a permanent fix is on the way!