Broken shoulder Symmtery in Maya

Im having issue with Shoulder Symmetry as they are seemed to be broken and also during simulation they are moving independently despite of same values.If I try to delete them and reparent it creates more problems like it creates shoulder bones in wrong location and again without symmtery.Really appreciate your help in in this matter.


Screenshot 2024-04-17 124234

Welcome to the forums @s_zo! :partying_face:

These sound related. Symmetry is based on both position and hierarchy. The two shoulders need to be in an approximately mirrored position in worldspace, but also in the same hierarchy.

Because you mention that they simulate funny, my guess is that one of your shoulders is not attached to the torso. You can visualise the hierarchy via this button here.


You can manually reparent things post-assignment, via Ragdoll → Edit → Reparent.

  1. Select child
  2. Shift + select parent
  3. Run Reparent.

Ensure Symmetry is not enabled when multi-selecting.

Let me know how it goes!

Hi Marcus,
Thanks for quick reply.Can you a look at this image and let know shoulders are attached if yes coz then still it behaves like broken and when i try to delete shoulder n recreate it n then reparent the shoulders are misplaced like in the above image.


They look connected to me. Are you able to send a recording or playblast of what the simulation looks like?

yep sure…here it is…


Thanks, but it’s not clear what the issue is from this angle. Are you able to record your screen to demonstrate the problem?

Is the character part of the same rGroup? If so, does it have Self Collide On? Does the issue still happen with no self collison? This could indicate that there are self intersections between limbs. Typical for things like clavicles that have a lot of shapes around it. You can disable collisions on specific markers in this case.

Hi Marcus,
Sorry about the video .The issue is the shoulders are breaking even when they are connected and self collide for group is off n also i turned them off for shoulders and attaching screen recorded video of the viewport for your reference.

Hm, it’s hard to see still, it’s just moving so fast.

But, I can see that the clavicle rotates rather than detach, so could this be an issue of Rotate Stiffness on it? If it was low, then it would rotate more freely than the other clavicle.

Could you try:

  1. Select the clavicle
  2. Run Ragdoll → System → Delete Physics from Selection
  3. Select upper arm + torso
  4. Run Ragdoll → Edit → Reparent

At this point, the arm would be attached to the body instead of the clavicle. It’s not the final solution, but it would help narrow in on that clavicle being the root cause of the issue.

Next, could you try:

  1. Mute all animation
  2. Set Gravity to 0
  3. Play the simulation

At this point, I expect your character to just hover in the air. Ideally, it should not move at all when you hit play; any motion would come from either (1) self intersections, (2) limits or (3) distance/pin constraints. Try achieving this goal of zero-motion without gravity.

I tried both of your notes and putting playblasts for results of both.
Here I tried to remove shoulder marker and attach it to torso now the torso is acting bit bouncy even when collide is off.

In this version have removed the shoulder plus i muted all animations and zero the gravity and wherever i found any movements i tired to turn collide off but the tail end i tried everything and still it rotates a bit.

Your second video looks :ok_hand: This confirms there are no self intersections or limbs outside of their limits on the start frame.

But your first video introduces new problems I didn’t see before, primarily due to there being simulated parts locked in between animated parts, namely the head and tip of the arms. This is rarely a good idea and is the cause of simulated parts jumping around to try and reach the animated parts.

Instead, put a Pin Constraint on those parts. This will allow the solver some flex if it cannot reach the position.

Does this solve the issue?

HI Marcus,
I tried your note and still it was causing issues with arms getting seperated so I thought of deleting the wings completely and again making fresh ones and it worked well but it gave rise to new issue of body getting delayed so I attached pin constraint to arms chest and cog which was working good for a day and next day again now the spine is getting delayed from body as you see in the video…So Tried to increase the translate stiffness…But still its doing same thing.Any idea what is causing this issue ?

Hmm, lots of things breaking apart in that video, primarily the tail. It’s not clear what’s causing this, are you able to Export Physics and upload the .rag file here? If you zip it, it’ll fit the forum max file size of 7 mb.

In the meantime, can you try Ragdoll → Select → Markers and setting Enabled to Off. Then start with 1 Marker and set it to Enabled On, and work your way from there until you start seeing odd things. Where does it start?

I tried to export the .rag file it dosent exports anything and shows this window.I guess its due to im using the trial version :sob:

Also I tried turning off all markers and i start with the Root (main marker) and i see thats the one which is odd one.Also is there any way we can see all markers in scene where we can easily select n turn them on n off ?


Show DG nodes in the Outliner, and scroll down to find them. You can also Ragdoll → Select → Markers and make a normal Maya Quick Selection Set from them.

Hey Marcus,
I just tried to set the root marker translate motion to Soft and decreating the translate damping to 0.1 and now its working delays so this actually resolves the issue. :smiley: