Blender motion capture animation with complex interactions of objects

Hello guys, I’m the animator at the motion capture studio who asked you a lot of questions. I will send here 2 files of a warrior who has a sword and shield in his hand, in 1 file the sword and shield will be attached with bones to the ARP skeleton and in the other file there will be the same warrior but these items will be separate and not related to the character’s rig. I would really like to see how I can ragdoll these things, the first method by attaching controllers to the rig and the 2nd method when these objects are separated from the rig

Hey @NSA_Studio, thanks for bringing the conversation over to the forum, looking forward to seeing if we can make something of your assets!

I have a problem, I recorded several animations in the suit for you, but the file weight is about 70 MB, where and how can I attach ?

1 file with objects attached to the rig

2 file with objects not attached to the rig

if you need to record a good mocap animation you can write to me here or ask my social network and I will do it for you guys

essentially you need to attach these objects to the character by adding ragdoll to them, a little later I will throw off the halyard of another character who is defending himself from a sword strike

I would also really like to see all the possibilities of these modifiers in the ragdoll menu, how they can be used and applied in practice, I just need more and more videos about mockup and ragdoll in blender) forgive me if I write too often)

Thanks @NSA_Studio, but would it be possible to keep the filesize below 7 mb? We are unable to dive into characters that are overly complex due to time constraints. Simple shapes, even just a bone hierarchy, would make this more achievable for us.

the animation has 170 frames at 30 fps, the character is not high poly. this file weight is due to the fact that mockup animation takes up several times more space than animation created by hand, I have lightened the file weight as much as possible for you guys, really

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I opened access to the files

Ok, thanks. I cannot guarantee when we will find time for this due to the size of these files.

If at any point you find or make an alternative that is below 7 mb, we would be able to make something of this quicker. I’ll keep this post updated with what we come up with, thanks for sharing!

Yes, sure. could you take your past file from the latest video on YouTube and attach something like a sword or shield to your hands? and make a sharp impact animation? Could you also show which parameter is responsible for the sliding of the ragdoll on the surface? for example, a person slides down a slide

For sliding, see the Friction property on each Marker.