Blender adding fields

Hey there, I downloaded the blender version of ragdoll yesterday and i already love ehat it can do. its pretty amazing. some options from maya seem to be greyed out though. Is there currently a way to add fields to the simulation? Like wind and a turbulence field? There are built in fields in blender but those dont seem to affect the ragdoll simulation (I am guessing because its not calculated with blender itself but solved by the ragdoll solver?). But when i try to add fields from the ragdoll menu they are all greyed out for me. Am i making some newbie mistake or are they not added yet?

By the way, I am slowly finding my way around the blender addon, but it would be so awesome to have some tutorials specifically for ragdoll dynamics in blender out there. I could only find 1 decent one on youtube.

anyways great work and thank you so much to the devs for releasing a blender version. I am a 10+ year blender user and this makes life so much easier for me than trying to learn maya only for this plugin. :slight_smile:

Welcome to the forums @Deadly_Bunny :partying_face:

Thanks for the words of encouragement. And yes, fields are missing. The complete list of missing things are:

  1. Import Physics
  2. Collision Group
  3. Fields
  4. Locomotion

They are all under way, except Locomotion within is a Maya-exclusive (for now).

As for tutorials, we’re working on it.

At the moment, you’ve got:

EDIT: That said, the vast majority of Ragdoll is the same in Maya, so all Maya tutorials are also relevant. Have a look under Tips and Tricks - Ragdoll Forums and Tutorials - Ragdoll Forums for starters.

Happy to help with any particular issue or goal you’ve got in mind, feel free to keep posting here or make a new thread per topic.

Hey Marcus,

thanks so much for the fast reply! I will definetely check out the links. Great to hear that fields and the other things are coming soon! So looking forward to creating some flying animations like in your wyfern demo! thats what got me completely hooked on your project. I am not a great animator and ragdoll dynamics really offers me a way to create professional looking animations with super basic keyframing. I usually do only lab visualizations for work where we seldom have character animations, but im trying to learn it for myself because i think its awesome.

One specific detail I could not figure out: Is there a way to offset the solver like in maya? I tried to select the solver via the outliner and move it in the 3d view, but nothing happens.

thanks again!

Yes that should definitely work. Make sure it’s the Blender object representing the solver that is selected, usually called rSolver. You should be able to translate it using the normal Blender translate tool.