Beta Testers Wanted

Hi all!

The next release will be a little bigger than normal, and we need your help in shaping this next generation of physics-based animation tools.

If you are interested in beta testing this next release of Ragdoll, please reach out to us either here or via private message to me.

We need:

  1. For you to try what we have in mind for the technology and tell us what you find positive, missing or incomplete
  2. For you to explore and discover things we have not yet thought of, this is your chance to have a direct impact on development and of the future of character animation; both inside and outside of Maya

We require:

  1. You are a professional animator, with at least a few years under your belt
  2. You are able to demonstrate that you understand both character animation and Ragdoll
  3. You are able to communicate your thoughts and ideas here on the forum (in a private beta thread), that includes text and video, in plain-text and the `Markdown` *format*.

If you don’t already have a commercial licence of Ragdoll, one will be provided for you for the duration of the beta, which we expect to run for at about 2-4 weeks. We’ll also reward those who go the extra mile and provide great feedback with 6 months of the commercial Ragdoll Unlimited licence.

Thank you, and please help spread the word to your colleagues and friends. I’m confident you’ll enjoy the beta as-is, and that we can make it even more enjoyable together. :partying_face:


These updated Ragdoll HUD icons look nice. Interested in finding out what the new magnet icon does.

That magnet icon is precisely the topic of this beta. :slight_smile:

This looks fantastic, and I am interested. When does the beta period start? Just curious as the holiday season is starting and that might affect some peoples ability to commit time.

Hi there. I’m a CFX artist with some experience in Previz, currently switching to Real-time! I will probably have some basic character animation to do in the future for Virtual Productions! I was wondering if you already have a live link with Unreal Engine or a proper real-time workflow that I could use ?


I sure hope not! It’s only October! :sweat_smile: I’ll try and kick things off Monday next week.

@Hervus welcome to the forums! Can you move this question into a new thread please? This is the post regarding beta testing.

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Hello Marcus,
For the Beta test, would you prefer people who have already used Ragdoll Dynamics before ? or is being new to it OK ?
Please let me know.
I’m the Head of Animation at CDW Animation in Adelaide, I’ve been wanted to test Ragdoll for a while and I’m keen to see how it could help our studio moving forward.

Ha, perhaps I am wrong. I was just curious is this is planning to start in a week or in a month or two, which in case that might be more problematic.

Right now in the US this is a magical time of the year when Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas decorations can all be purchased at any CVS or grocery store.

I am interested in helping out and I believe I qualify, although it is clearly your right to disagree! I am no Jason Synman. This whole technique of posing the character reminds me of a tool that Josh Carey from Reel FX wrote that allowed the animator to “draw” the pose of a limb and the limb would snap to it. If I recall correctly exactly zero people used that tool :confused: I have higher hopes for this though!

For this particular beta, prior experience is preferred.

This next release is introducing a new, alternative workflow to character animation with physics and won’t change much of what already exists inside of Ragdoll. It won’t benefit production work yet, for that you are better off trailing the latest release.

But do get in touch for that, and I can set you up with a studio-wide trial licence:

Unfortunately, there is only one! :sweat_smile:

Hehe. Well, you know what they say. Put 1,000 monkeys in a room with a typewriter each, and eventually one of them will produce the work of Hamlet. Maybe we are that monkey? Maybe not? :drum:

I’d love to have your eyes on it, Cody. I’ll ping you in the next few days for an invite.

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Alright, we’ve got enough beta testers for now, thanks everyone for volunteering! I’ll reach out to you individually soon with an invite to a private beta thread where we’ll continue the conversation. :partying_face:

Sorry Marcus, I didn’t see your answer straight away!
I thought that maybe the beta had something like that, that’s why I asked here…
Going to create a new thread :slight_smile:


I am Halim NEGADI, founder and CEO of The Liveyard ( ).
We are a very young interactive content agency and our key markets are events, sports and TV Shows.
We are very interested in testing ragdoll dynamics within our workflow and tight deadlines.

Thank you,


Hi @halim, welcome to the forums! :partying_face: You are most welcome to take Ragdoll for a spin, find a download here:

The currently best option for learning about Ragdoll is this introductory video here:

The above download will get you a 30-day trial, feel free to email me at for a studio-wide trial without the trial limitations. If you have any questions or would like more learning material, feel free to post a new thread on this forum.