Bad Mocap Example - Feet Sliding

Hello there!

First of all, a big thank you to Marcus for developing this amazing plugin for Maya!
I have been following every livestream that you and Jason has put out, they have been incredible to watch and to learn from, thank you guys so much!!!

I watched the tutorial named Bad Mocap Example and can not figure out how to stop the feets from sliding. Have you any idea on how to stop the feets from sliding using Ragdoll?

Here is my progress so far:

Before Ragdoll:

After Ragdoll:

My goal is to stop the feets from sliding like in the beginning of the Bad Mocap Example video.
How do I achieve this?

Hey @Bjorn, welcome to the forums and thanks for the kind words. :blush:

For context, here’s the tutorial to which I believe you are referring, it’s from May 2021 and uses an older version and workflow of Ragdoll but is still mostly applicable today.

It’s not clear from your video, but if I had to guess, I’d say your hip is either pinned or Kinematic, following the animation 100%. In the Bad Mocap video, the entire character is dynamic, allow it to fall onto the ground. The rotation stiffness is then what keeps it upright.

You can experiment with this in the current version of Ragdoll as well.

  1. Let your character be entirely Dynamic, nothing Kinematic. It should follow your animation, but fall over to its side and “walk” on the floor.
  2. Put a Pin Constraint on your hip, and set Translate Stiffness = 0

Now you’ve got what I was doing in the Bad Mocap video. From here, the feet will likely stick to the ground add odd places, probably because it isn’t lifting off the ground enough. So you can either tweak the animation, or edit the friction of the ground and/or foot to control when and how it sticks to it.

It’s not a universal solution and won’t always work. The ideal scenario is feet that lift far off the ground, and leave little room for contacts to happen at the wrong time. In your case, the feet are lifting ever-so-slightly off the ground, so I suspect they will frequently get stuck when you don’t want them to.

From there, it’s up to tweaking of animation, shapes and friction values.

This tutorial here covers this workflow from a Rhino’s perspective.

Hej Marcus, yes that is the tutorial I am referring to, I forgot to put a link to it.

Thank you for an incredible fast and very informative answer. Your Professionalism is through the roof!

I will do as you suggest and make everything entirely DYNAMIC and see if my character falls over, then put a pin constraint on the hips and set Translate Stiffness = 0. I did not do this.

My main goal is to use Ragdoll to make most of the cleanup of bad mocap data and then, only if I have to, I will do manual cleanup in the Graph Editor.

I will continue experimenting and learning. Once again I would like to thank you very much, the plugin and this community is amazing! Cheers! :grinning:

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