AutoRig Pro and it's bones

Hello hello!
I have this rig I generated for my character with Autorig Pro in Blender
and I noticed the bones I get are… well. Different with IK controls.

What I’m wondering is, is this a horrible way of using Ragdolls? Should I go with a different rig?
I’m now learning how to retarget the rig and I think if I retarget both bones on each part to the polls/IKs
It could work(?) and set the IK foot as “animated”

I have an animated short I’ve been working on and all my characters have this type of rig.
Reworking that at this point would make a grown man cry, I have so many “death animations”
to do haha!

My other question is, Can I append the rig and the Ragdoll collection to a different project?
without issue?

Seems fine. You can think of setup in two stages.

  1. Assigning
  2. Retargeting

Sometimes, you assign to the things you wish to record. Like objects or sometimes bones. And in those cases, you don’t have to think much.

But often, you’ll want to assign to the things that move with the character, like the bones driven by IK, but then record onto the IK effector and pole vector. This is normal.

The bones to look out for during assigning is the ones that move the way you expect when you move the IK controls. They are normally the one that also binds the geometry, as those are also expected to carry the final motion after all is said and done.

In Maya, yes! In Blender, not yet!

See here for how it’s going to work for Blender.