Auto Make Ctrls Rotation/Transforms Keyable/Unlocked In Channel Box

@marcus So I’ve ran into this issue now twice when using downloaded character rigs to make them ragdolls. For example the mikey rig, when I setup the markers on the fk controls the plugin shapes showed me a simulation I expect, but when I baked the keys for the first time the lower body of mikey stayed locked in world space.

Mikey ragdoll Plugin Shapes drop test playblast (looks like the drop will work)

Mikey ragdoll drop test playblast (after bake, result doesn’t match the above playblast, due to the fact the FK hip ctrl had transform channels locked by default in the downloaded character rig file)

After looking into and trying to debug this, it’s because the hip control had the transform channels locked and not keyable.

Fix is to make the transforms of this control keyable so its visible in the channel box, as well as unlocked.

For a future release can this be done automatically whenever we create markers from controls of a rig that may have some of it’s transform/rotation channels locked.


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This also occurred to me on my first woody ragdoll tests for the august challenge. I by passed it by switching the woody spine rig controllers from fk to ik in order for the bake match what the ragdoll plugin shapes were showing me.

Here’s the same issue on the woody rig if the spine is set to fk mode.

Woody ragdoll Plugin Shapes falling playblast (looks like the fall will work)

Woody ragdoll drop test playblast (after bake, result doesn’t match the above playblast, in this case I could never figure out why using the spine set to fk wasn’t working, but if the spine was set to ik mode the bake would work correctly and match the plug in shapes sim)

I unfortunately haven’t yet figured out how to make the bake work if the spine’s set to FK mode.

Thanks for the feedback!

In the Retargeting UI, you should see a warning about this.

It would not be possible to automatically unlock, for 2 reasons.

  1. Referenced rigs can’t have channels unlocked without importing the file
  2. It’s highly likely that if a control has locked translate channels that it wasn’t rigged with this in mind

The better option is to either assign to a control that can both translate and rotate, or to retarget to said control.

This sounds like Ragdoll only records onto the IK controls. The proper solution here would be to retarget to both the IK and FK controls. See the Append option in the Retargeting UI.

Let me know if these doesn’t solve it for you, there isn’t much to do software wise to address this, other than to better communicate that this will happen during record.

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I checked the mikey ragdoll retargeting window, but I can’t find any useful warning info that informs me that the hip control has any issues.

True, that’s not particularly visible. They appear greyed out, similar to how they would appear in the Channel Box if they were visible.

I was able to fix the woody ragdoll baking when setting the spine controls to fk, appending 3 of the spine fk controls to the 3 spine markers.

Thanks for the suggestion @marcus


That’s a winner’s pose! My pleasure. :blush:

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