Assign Environment Error

Hello yall! One of my animators was trying to assign multiple geos as an environment for a referenced-in ragdoll rig. The geo was also referenced in. We got the error:

AttributeError: ‘NoneType’ object has no attribute ‘add’

We then tried duplicating and combining the geos into one mesh, deleting the histories so it’s clean. We got the same error.

This is on Ragdoll version 2023.04.09 with an unlimited license, on Maya 2022.5; I realize this is an old version of Ragdoll, could this be a known bug?


I remember something about this, was there more to the error? Ideally a line number. I think had to do with the shader of the original geometry; when you assign, a copy is made and the same shader is assigned. However, if the geometry has no shader then it will fail. So, try assigning any shader to the environment prior to assigning it with Ragdoll.

Thank you, that was the problem! I assigned a lambert, and then I could assign an environment.

Thank you!!