Asking about Octopus animation

Hello guys
I’m asking about are there any tips for how to achieve this kind of motion by Ragdoll ?Nuts | CGI Gallery on Instagram: "Is this #octopus prime??? 🤣🤣🐙🐙 . Octie Churro taking a stroll on the beach in his new, revamped body and dynamics model. Technically it’s a “novempus”, not an octopus 🐙and he appreciates a good sunset 🌅 By: @ghost3dee . . #vfx #visualeffects #animationart #3d #sea #beachlife #modeling"
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Including it here for completeness.

Looks doable with the default Alien character that comes with Ragdoll. If you just drop it onto the ground, and animate each tentacle to perform this kind of swirly motion, you should eventually end up with a walk like this. Give it a try and post what you come up with!

Thanks Marcus what i did is making a pin constraint to tentacle tip, it looks ok but do you know which part I could animate to make it looks better

I’ve noticed that it starts the action from this part

Yes, another name for Pin Constraint is “cheat force”. Meaning it is not real, something you use to override reality in exchange for more control. For this walk cycle, I would avoid it. Animate the legs, and let friction between it and the ground carry the creature forward. That will look the most real and be the most flexible to new environments.