Are there still any plans to sell Ragdoll on Blender Market?

As title says. I remember Marcus saying Ragdoll will be sold on Blender Market at launch. But it has been a month since the Blender version launched and it still isn’t on Blender Market. May I ask if this plan has been cancelled or will it still be available on Blender Market later?


It’s been through a number of rounds with the Blender Market team, they lack much of the infrastructure to support serial keys. What will happen initially is Ragdoll will have a product on Blender Market:

From there, you can download and install Ragdoll. But purchases of a serial key will still happen on the original pricing page

They’ve pointed out that in the future, they will be better capable of distributing a licence via the Blender Market website as well, so if that’s interesting do us know along with a usecase, e.g. trouble with card payment such as from China which is currently problematic.

I see. Thank you.