Appreciation post

Not sure if this is appropriate but I would like to show appreciation to Marcus for bringing us this amazing tool.

I’m a professional animator who is always on a look out for ways to make my life easier. I dont have much knowledge in maya’s dynamics (bullet, MASH etc) as it can be complicated and me always forgetting steps for simple dynamics. I’m also amazed but Richard Lico’s animation methodology that generate really organic animation for ‘free’ from a basic animation. I also find myself always having to animate tail-like animation that is time consuming and even created/purchased a couple of tools/scripts that will generate nice tail-like motion from existing animation. While all these are pretty cool, I can’t seem to find a fool proof tool that works seamlessly across different studio, Maya versions or rigs until now =)

I was first introduced to ragdoll dynamics by a colleague of mine and quickly got myself a trial license. I’m really amazed by it and for the first time, I felt this is a tool created with animator in mind. One doesn’t need much technical knowledge to operate it. I’ve used it for a couple of shows now and it really help speed up the process. Unfortunately, I dont have permission to show any of the work yet, hopefully I will be able to in the future.

My ultimate goal with this tool is to create believable ragdoll (biped) movement that can be easily directed. It’s something like the spaceman showcase by Jason. I have a hard time making a character move the way I want and still has ragdoll behaviour in them. Maybe it’s due to time constraint, I end up using ragdoll dynamics as the base movement and animating on top of it. Although the tool is simple to use, I find one needs to have enough knowledge/experience to a really cool result out of it. I find myself browsing the forum or watching livestream to learn about different methodology in using ragdoll dynamics. Sky’s really the limit with ragdoll dynamics and hopefully it will continue to grow.

Thanks again to Marcus and Jason for showing really creative ways of utilising the tool !


Thank you @LaFed, warms my heart. This was just the kind of effect I was aiming for with Ragdoll. :heart:

A few years ago I created my own tool for creating overlapping action (ccOverlapper) that had 3 different techniques - 1 using nParticle goals, 2 using a dynamic curve, and 3 using aim constraints with an offset (the Richard Lico technique). I can very happily say that I will never use that tool ever again thanks to Ragdoll, nor should anyone else.

I am completely infatuated with Ragdoll. I wondered for years why something like this tool didn’t exist in Maya. Was it not possible? Turns out it was, it just took a certified wizard like Marcus to do it. Thank you Marcus!

And Jason? When I first saw Ragdoll I assumed, just like all the animators I have tried to convince since to check out Ragdoll, that this wasn’t something for serious animators. With the help of Jason’s walkthroughs I have since learned that couldn’t be further from the truth. Jason really feels like the perfect person to help educate the world of professional animators about the power of Ragdoll and I look forward to seeing the tool to continue to develop alongside him. I have already spent a good deal of time trying to explain the awesomeness of Ragdoll to some fellow animators, but everyone is always suspicious. With Jason’s help it’s only a matter of time before everyone comes into the fold.

You guys are awesome. Cheers :smiley:


Thanks for the kind words Cody! hahaha When I had a taste of the awesomeness and saw the potential I had to be involved!

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