AnimLayer-per-Group Baking

Hello! Got a situation.


I have a bunch of Markers in their own Groups, each Group called:

  • Feet
  • Spine
  • Arms
  • Fingers

I now need each Group baked onto its own AnimLayer.

Current Workflow

I can perform a bake for each group manually, though it’ll be pretty time consuming since I have to:

  1. Select the controls
  2. Bake with Use Selection ON enabled
  3. Rename the AnimLayer to “Arms”, then disable it
  4. Select another group and repeat steps 1-4 (until all groups are baked)
  5. Enable all Layers to see the full Sim

Now I can animate the Layer’s Weights through time, whenever I need to switch to Sim and back. In my case, super useful if the hand can be Ragdoll until it has to point to a X on a Map (which is precise), then relax back to the Anim.


Could we have the option to bake Groups to their own Layers?

Thank you!

Hey @isai, thanks for the suggestion!

This is a good idea, I’ll add an option to the record dialog.

Until then, here’s something you can do to speed up your current workflow.

Step 1 - Record

Nothing special here, just a normal record.

Step 2 - Extract

Select one or more controls, then select the layer and go “Extract Selected”. It will move the selected controls onto that new animation layer, from the selected layer.


That’s exactly the process I boiled it down to :slight_smile: Now attempting to write a script for it!

Thank you, Marcus!