Animating Gravity

This is my first post in a forum ever, so I really hope I am doing it right. Delete the post if I am doing it wrong.

I am trying to set up a scene where the character falls from a cliff and hits a pool of water.
I thought I could solve it by animating the gravity in the solver as the ragdoll hits the surface of the water, creating the illusion of water physics. But it doesn’t seem that the solver reacts to the keyframed change in gravity?
Is there a bug not allowing it to happen, or is it just not possible to animate the parameters of the gravity?

Hi @Martin_Haugen, welcome to the forums! :partying_face:

I had a look at this, and it appears to be an oversight on our end, it currently does not respond to gravity being animated. We’ll have this patched up in the next release, thanks for reporting it!

Thank you! That is so nice to hear
I am currently working on this for a project with a deadline. When do you think the next update will come?

New version is up now.


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You guys are the best! Hands down

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