Alternative way to edit Min/Max Limit?

Is there a way to Tune Minimum and Maximum Limit Separately without Manipulator and holding CTRL?
For some reason Ragdoll won’t draw the manupulator in the viewport for the marker I need and I really need to limit the Y axis Maximum: (433.7 KB)

Here its drawing the Min/Max handle for another marker, but not drawing it for the one I need for some reason. Maybe there is way to limit Min/Max somewhere in the attributes, like for joints?

There is not. :frowning:

It may not be drawn because it may have mistaken the scale of that object to think that it is very small. You can manually adjust the scale of the limit manipulator via an attribute on the marker called Draw Scale. You should find it in the Attribute Editor under the Display tab.

Not at the computer at the moment so can’t double-check, but let me know if that works!


That works - the manipulator appeared! Thanks a lot!

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