Adding Ragdoll in Creature animation

Hey guys,

Thanks to the Ragdoll team for making such an incredible tool. I am an absolutely beginner to this.
I have been animating a Lion raging out scene in Maya, and currently its at Spline level, and I am yet to work on the Polish phase. I was wondering if using Ragdoll at this moment on certain parts of the body such as the tail, ears and maybe even muscles, belly etc would create a better realistic simulation.
Could anyone point me to Forum topics (here or anywhere else) or video tutorials where how to do this could be understood?

Hi @fanaticmonkey, welcome to the forums! :partying_face:

Here are some resources for working with quadrupeds, from skeleton to muscles to tails.


Applying physics to the underlying skeleton/rig, for e.g. falling over or getting hit by something.


Some general tips on how to achieve muscles.

Ears, Tails, Cloth

Relates to cloth, which is a step up from a tail or ear, but the techniques are the same.

Hope it helps! If you post your progress, we’ll be able to guide you through your setup and provide feedback too.