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I think the tool / utility / Extract simulation should also work with the markers selected not on the wholse scene .

Interesting idea, can you include a usecase? For example, if you have the Manikin character, would you want to extract only one arm? Or is it for when you have multiple characters and only want to extract 1? Or is there anything else you have in mind?

Hey Marcus,
Exactly… ideally we can choose a set of markers "Arm- Tentacle- Complete Character " and extract the animation with the Utility

Great, makes sense. In what scenario would you use this kind of feature? Can you provide an example? It’ll help me make a demo and examples for the feature once it’s implemented.

For example:
last night one of my characters was doing weird stuff… so I tought I will extract the anim of that character to fix it or to make sure it is doing the right bake.
And the tool went and extract the animation of the whole Scene.

Scenario two: create quick Transfer RIGS that can be use after to edit , bake or snap the animato to.

Perfect. And just for completeness, could you extract everything but then delete the parts you don’t want? Would this feature accomplish the same thing, except with a few less clicks? Performance-wise, it would take exactly as long to extract only a subset of the scene as it would to extract everything, so the advantage would be to auto-delete things that wasn’t selected.

I think you I might… ( i was able to resolve my issue but the idea came to me, oh this tools is great to create transfer rigs and extract parts…)

I will have to check if in the process joints of the RIG that has connection or CNS, don’t break or overwrite that connection with KEYS…