A way to cache what live mode records?


Having a bit of trouble from need to or accidently jumping out of live mode.

Sometimes I’d like to adjust some limits while posing and would like to just tweak it and then continue posing but switching to limit mode resets what live mode has recorded.

The other issue is due to my animator brain. Sometimes I’ll instinctively change the active tool (usually to rotate). Once I do that, poof, everything is gone from live mode.

So, is there any way to save me from myself?

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Hey @Devin, welcome back. :slight_smile: You are right on the money, they are both issues worth solving.

Edit Limits while Posing

Adjusting limits while posing, this isn’t possible because limits can only be edited prior to a simulation having started. Live Mode is essentially a running simulation, and as soon as it starts the only way to edit limits is to reset the solver to the beginning.

This could be solved, but then the more difficult question is what you should expect when you rewind after having changed the limits. Since the limits can’t be keyframed either, it means the past would no longer be accurate and would instead be using your new limits.

However this could also be solved, such that limits can be animated too. But then you’ll be taking a performance penalty since they are the most expensive to change during playback.

So this one is not clear what to do, or whether it’s something you ultimately want given the cost.

Losing State of Live Mode

This one is what we’re working on next. You should be able to keep the state of Live Mode without risk of losing it. It’s just not ready yet; this first release is transient, useful for experimenting and getting a feel for physics. In the upcoming releases, it’ll turn more into an actual animation environment.

For now, you can tick that Lock button far-right; that’ll keep the simulation running even outside of the Manipulator (and is called Interactive Mode).

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Hey @marcus ,

Thanks for the response!

Edit Limits while Posing
Yeah, definitely understand the limitations. Would be interesting to see those two ideas as a mode of sorts in the future.

Losing State of Live Mode
Glad this is already known. Excited to see how live mode keeps evolving!

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