What happened to the Attributes?

I upgraded to 2022.05.04 and now the manipulator window no longer opens and many of the adjustable attributes are gone. I’m rolling back. I like having the attributes for restitution and friction available to me to adjust. Please do not make this system where you can’t adjust these things. I need to adjust friction so my rigids don’t roll in the necklace sim because it’s candy-wrappering my chain.

This is what I see in the channel box now:



Here is an example of what I see happening:

Hi Geordie!

Hmmm Might be because you’re cached?
Also to get those channels back go here :

Let me know if this works for ya :slight_smile:


Attributes aren’t goning anywhere, their presence in the Channel Box is determined by either:

  1. The Shape Attributes option in the Assign Marker Option UI, when first assigning a marker.
  2. The same attribute in Utilities → Toggle Channel Box Attributes, after having assigned a marker.
1. Assign Marker 2. Toggle Attributes

Now I’m curious whether rolling back restored these attributes? :thinking:

As Jason spotted, the Manipulator isn’t available when a simulation is cached. I’ll try and make this a little easier to spot, it’s become an increasingly common struggle.

Also on a separate note, your channel box attributes look different to most screenshots of Ragdoll and have slightly different names because what you are seeing are the “long” names as opposed to the “nice” names.