Volume limits don't seem to take

Hi all!
I’m having a hard time making the limits get applied when a lot of force is put (using a Newton Field to push the character backwards). See video below how I have limits set up, but when the newton force is applied everything rotates a ton forward and seems to ignore my limits.

Thankful for any advice or help.

Hi @Widunder, welcome to the forums! :partying_face:

This can be a combination of 3 things.

  1. Limits being soft
  2. The force applied being very strong
  3. Shapes being too small

In this case, the first step should be overlapping each connected shape. Gaps between shapes are bad news, because it cannot happen in the real-world. Connected shapes are special in that they can overlap and won’t collide, only grand-children and grand-parents do.

Secondly there is a Limit Stiffness attribute which works like Pose Stiffness does. It’s a strength of how much to try and keep a limb inside of the limit. Try increasing this to 10 or 100.

Have a look here for some visuals.


Hi Marcus and thank you!

Connecting/overlapping the shapes fixed the issue and it’s now working as I expected it too. Thank you so much for the swift and clear response! I learned a lot, cheers! :slight_smile: