Turbulence field. Doesnt' affect

Hey guys,

I’ve just tried to apply a turbulence field but it doesn’t work. Here is a little capture.

Also, I changed Magnitude value and set Gravity to zero. But it either doesn’t affect on markers though.


On top of that, could I set up a turbulence field to affect certain markers?

Fields are extremely sensitive to the density and/or mass of your markers.

Can you try this?

  1. New scene
  2. Make a Polygon Cube
  3. Assign Marker
  4. Create Turbulence Field
  5. Play

Are you seeing something different?

If this works, then my guess is you need more zeroes on the Magnitude for your character. The visualisation will be extreme, so you’ll likely need to scale it.

If your magnitude is 1000x larger than default, then you’ll need a draw scale 1000x smaller to make sense out of it.

No, but you can do the opposite.