Specific collision rules

hi, lets say I have 3 fk chains- FK1, FK2, FK3
I want FK1 to not collide wilth FK2, so I put them in the same overlap group.
but regarding FK3- I want it to collide with only FK2, and not FK1
do you have any solution for me?

Hmmm, it might be a little too complex of a rule to specify for Ragdoll. Is it an option to use multiple solvers? E.g. one solver for FK1 and FK2, and another for FK3.

Or to bake out the results, and set the baked version to Kinematic. Something along those lines? Maybe if you show what you are trying to achieve we might be able to spot an alternative solution.

hey- ok I understand. I think I will try to solve it via collider tweaks instead and the animation will have limitations
thank you , I jusy wanted to be sure that Im not missing anything