Shapes overlapping joints requirement

Hello, in the Ragdog tutorial you mentioned a requirement for the collision shapes to overlap their children’s pivots joints/pivots as well as their own (or at least thats how I understood it). I am wondering if that is still a requirement and what the reasoning behind this is. If so, would it be possible to add a warning before simulation?

Hi @dominik, welcome to the forums. :partying_face:

That is no longer a requirement, it was due to a solver bug that has since been squashed.

That said, it’s generally still a good idea to keep any connected shapes overlapping much like in real life where things cannot be connected unless they are are in contact. Ragdoll will try and make sense out of things that are connected but not in contact but you’ll see the most stability when they are. Things to look out for when things are not overlapping is things starting to shake. If things aren’t shaking, you’re all set.

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For completeness, this is the tutorial I think you are referring to.

It’s possibly mentioned elsewhere as well, it was a huge pain for the longest time. :sweat: But, it was patched up a few months ago.

That’s the one! Thank you!