Reorganize existing markers

(repost from discord for better documentation)
Is there a way to reorganize existing markers into different groups? so i can apply different stiffness and damping to those each group?
or perhaps theres a simpler suggestion for doing this…
I have about 400 markers and they are all in the same group, but after experimentation, i think i need the first 100 to have a certain stiffness, the next 100 a different stiffness, the next …etc.
Because of the sheer amount of them, selecting them individually to override the individual stiffness seems like a nightmare.

Hey @Jacob_Gardner, thanks for reposting this and welcome to the forums. :partying_face:

Per default, Ragdoll will create 1 group containing all connected markers. You can regroup things to your hearts content, via Ragdoll → Edit → Group.

Here’s an example of that.

You can also select groups and group those, it will create a single merged group. The Ungroup option works as you’d expect as well, moving things out of a group and into no group.

Here’s the documentation.

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Perfect! thank you

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