Recording Simulation. Error

Hi guys, have trouble with recording.

I tried to record simulation as a default and via “use selection”. It didn’t record anything. Thus, i hadn’t Bake Layer. Instead of I got joint hierarchies created after bake attempt like this.


And plenty of errors:

It happens sometimes and I fix this by record with a default settings though. However, not for this time


Thanks @YuriyF, can you share what settings you use to produce this error? Would it be possible to record a video of you doing it?

Hey Marcus, i think i resolved it accidentally. Just repiicated and trasfered all sim into a new Maya scene. Apperently, it works fine now. Sorry for bothering you. :smiley:

No bother at all, glad it works. There’s still something not-quite-right about what you found - Ragdoll should never throw any Python error like that. So I’ll try and get to the bottom of it. If there is any steps you can share or video, that would help in narrowing things down!