Ragdoll installation has deleted my other maya modules

Ragdoll installation has deleted my other modules - non-ragdoll modules
Ragdoll 2022.07.20
I used the .msi installer

I’m not 100% sure it was this installation or if it was previous ragdoll update, but I definitely used to have another tool in my modules folder.

Kidding aside, sorry to hear you lost your modules! Are you able to reproduce this? For example, if you put another module in your modules folder, and install Ragdoll again, does it vanish as well? If you can show me how to reproduce this, I can have it fixed in a hot flash.

Hm… seems fine now, I tested some older ragdoll installers as well that I had kept, strange… maybe I had cleared out the folder at some point(?) anyway, sorry about that.

No problem, if it comes back let me know. I haven’t given Ragdoll the ability to delete anything, so it should be safe.