Ragdoll August Challenge

don’t know about others, but august challenge license stop working correctly, i was activate personal license and continue to play with that

Thanks for reporting this. We just finished Siggraph and I will investigate this in the next 4-5 hours.

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Sorry for the delay, the server had indeed gone down but is now back up!

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It’s still not working for me. It stopped about a week ago and I have not been able to use it since then.

I was just check it, and it works, try few things, start new scene, restart the ragdoll plugin thru windows–>preferences/settings–>Plugin manager
Good chance to understand what this software can do, don’t waste it

Oh no! Can you share a screenshot of what you are seeing? Have you tried the test script above, starting with import socket? Have you tried the alternative URL, agora2.ragdolldynamics.com:8004?

Last week I was also unable to use the 8011 script, but the 8004 was still working.

My steps to get it working consistently.

  1. Make sure ragdoll plugin isn’t set to load or auto load, keep them unchecked.

  2. Run either of the scripts, (the 8011 or 8004 one)

  3. Check-on the load checkbox for ragdoll in plugins window.

  4. Open your scene.

  5. Sometimes my scene crashes though if I try to open it and my maya playback is set to frame 1, but this is because I start my scenes ragdoll sims at frame 1001, so before I open up my scenes I also make sure that the first frame in my timeline is set to 1001.

6 days remaining, of this secret, hush-hush competition. :shushing_face:

We’ve got 3 submissions at the moment, during these holiday times, making it very easy for any newcomer to swoop in and give it a shot. There is about $2600 on the line after all!

See your competition here:

6 days! Go go go! :partying_face:


Only a few hours to go!!! Don’t forget to officially submit to Agora.community | AnimChallenge

Can’t wait for the watch party :slight_smile:


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It’s done and dusted!

I also just got back from holiday, and will investigate how winners is actually decided upon. :sweat_smile: I expect Agora will run submissions through their usual competition cycle, and then announce the winners. I’ll make sure to forward everything to here as well, and do what we did last month.

3 winners are about to get ragdolled. Great work everyone! :partying_face:


Alright, an update to say that voting has begun; it’ll happen within the Agora team and concludes on the 10th of September. We’ve got 11 submissions (although one of them is 2D and thus using Ragdoll hah, so 10 total!)

Will return once the winners are decided upon! :partying_face:


Believe it or not, Agora has yet to tell us anything about who won. :sweat_smile: I’ll revisit this thread as soon as we know anything you don’t!


The August Challenge winners have been chosen…

Now we know that agora announces the winners of their anim challenges on the second Tuesday of every month.

Congrats to the winners and everyone.

@marcus since its a twitch stream that will probably go away after a few days, maybe you could ask Agora to back it up and send you the video so you could preserve it on the ragdoll forums.

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Who won? :open_mouth:

They haven’t said a word to us about this stream haha; communication! I’ll take a look at the stream in a bit, and yes. Good idea, I’ll ask for the video so we can preserve it here. Thanks @boricuapab for keeping an eye out!

Me !!! woooo w haha , so exciting


Yeah, I only found out about it through the AnimChallenge linkedin page.

Congrats PWN!!!


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Congrats PWN !!!

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Just a small update on this, this is the most drawn-out competition I’ve ever seen. :sweat_smile: Agora will be reaching out to the winners with prizes when they are ready.

For completeness, and in recognition of the winners, they are:

  • 1st Place @Pwn
  • 2nd Place Quentin Thisse
  • 3rd Place @Kalpesh

Summary video of the three winners are here:

Quentin, if you’re seeing this, I’d love to have you on the forums and learn more about your progress! @Pwn you too, to have some behind-the-scenes material similar to how Kalpesh did in his WIP thread would be really great! For example, what was it like working with motion capture, what struggles did you have, what happy accidents did you encounter etc, along with a video of what the markers looked like. :blush:

Returning here once prizes have been handed out to confirm, and feel free to ping this thread yourself once you hear anything. There’s a licence (and t-shirt I think) out there for you!


Congratulations to the winners and everyone who participated in the competition!
Keep it up guys!

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