Optimal Pelvis Marker?

Okay bit of a question about creating the markers and best practices. The limb chains for ragdoll in a human character are pretty self explanatory, even if you just wanted to use simple capsule markers you can easily make it work, but the torso and especially pelvis area have always been a bit of a tricky situation, what would you reckon is the best way of creating markers for those parts?

By default the pelvis marker will looks like this:

Now I can zero out the "rotation offset"attributes in the marker, and it then looks like this:

I wonder which gives the most accurate result for simulation?

In the past I’ve always had bad results with humanoid, especially with walk cycles making the pelvis go haywire

The shapes should match your character as much as possible. The pelvis here is too small, the legs too. The spine especially is going to act less like a character and more like a rope.

If unsure, cut up the mesh and use that for shapes instead of capsules.

oh those weren’t the final markers, I was just setting them up and was curious if I had to choose betweent he two different capsules, which ones I should pick. I did however cut the part of the mesh so it is accurate to the model, although I still can’t quite figure out how to get higher resolution markers, I’ve looked at some of the links you posted the last time I was trying to figure it out but I genuinely don’t understand what I need to do/buttons need to press to get the markers to match the mesh more closely

Ok, would it be possible to demonstrate what happened, and what those shapes look like? That would make it easier to give advice on how to improve your character.

You can cut up a mesh, but leave it combined, and Ragdoll will create collision shapes for each cut part (each “polygon island”).

Have a look in the Multi-Cut settings to make sure it doesn’t automatically separate the cut parts, but only inserts that edge loop and separates the vertices from each other.