Migrating setup from complete to unlimited?

Hey all,

I have a setup I made in complete to test the tool to see if I would want to use it for a project. I do!

Now I have to migrate my setup from complete to my unlimited.
I tried exporting physics and opening a fresh Maya and importing the physics.rag and I seem to be missing my entire setup, but the solver comes in.

Please do not tell me I have to recreate this in Unlimited manually. This would be a bad thing.

Actually I was able to set it up pretty quickly again from scratch.

By “Ragdoll Complete” could you mean “Ragdoll Personal”? There isn’t any migration needed from Complete to Unlimited, but Personal is a non-commercial licence and anything made with that cannot be used with a commercial licence, so that would need to be redone.

Great! :partying_face: