Maya Crash 2020-Multiple Errors

Hello Folks- I downloaded the trial version for Mac OS High Sierra/Maya 2020- First It said my trial version expired and I need a key- there was only a continue option?

I also followed the steps on tutorials and was able to activate the plug-in and when I tried to Assign Group from the UI there was only the selections- Assign and Assign and Activate- then I got the message when I try to apply it - this is what came up- once I click ignore or play every frame it causes maya to crash with a fatal error- both images posted
If images did not upload it basically says -Real Time playback is supported, but requires Ragdoll to ignore frames during simulation which can result in less predictable resullts- (whatever option I select- ignore or play every frame, it just causes maya to crash- it gives me a fatal error saying- attempting to save in /var/folders/64…

Please advise and thank you-Steverino

Hi Steverino!

Welcome to the forums! this might be one for @marcus , What are you trying to group? can you share a screenshot?

Hi Jason,

Sure thing- here are some screenshots as requested- wondering if it is the 2022 script not working with a maya 2020 version perhaps? However, will wait to hear back and thanks again-also included what plugins are checked for reference- (in the videos it is Assign and Group) cheers

Interesting, This could be a potential bug… we’ll investigate

Thank you-

Hi @steverino, I spot 2 issues:

  1. Trial expired
  2. Crash

For (1) Trial Expired, it could either be that your machine has been used for a trial version in the past and is now expired, but could also mean that Ragdoll fails to contact the activation server. Do you know if your Maya has internet access?

If it does, try this approach we’re using for the competition.

If not, I can send you a trail serial to renew your trial. Let me know.

For (2) the crash, I haven’t seen this before… If you have access to Maya 2022, or any other version of Maya, that could help narrow things down. Which year is your Mac from? It might just be a display driver issue. From a quick glance, it seems High Sierra is from around 2017 which for a Windows or Linux machine I would not have expected to be a problem. But if you are able to test on a different machine altogether, that would also help narrow things down.

Hi Marcus- thank you for your reply- I will try your suggestions- be in touch and thank you

So I did some investigation with Mac OS- it may be OS and maya version(s) however, this is not confirmed- just wanted to post since there may be Mac OS users running into issues- I am thinking the OS may cause some issues with the application-good luck and stay happy folks

Thanks for investigating.

Yes, it’s quite possible your OS (High Sierra) is too old. The build was made on Big Sur, and not tested on anything earlier.