Locomotion " out of date " message

HI !
I m really having fun with Ragdoll Dynamics.

While playing around with new locomotion feature using simple scene box and spheres. After assigning Plan , don’t see any movement happening. Am i missing something ?

Also on heads up display i see “out of date” message.

Hey @kishchris, welcome to the forums. :partying_face:

About the problem, is this all you ever see? Or does it happen occasionally? Does it happen from starting a new Maya scene, to assigning a new plan? Does it happen if you save your scene and re-open it? What if you restarted Maya, and re-opened it?

Can you try unticking the Auto Update button, the one with two arrows in a rotating pattern, and using the Update button instead? Does that change anything? In the Ragdoll menu, there is a More -> Update Plan button also, with some options. One of the options is Force Update, could you try this also? It will attempt to compute a new plan even if it is not “Out of date”.

“Out of date” means something has changed since it was last computed, such as the start/end positions, the duration or the step sequence.

Finally, could you have anti-virus installed on your machine? Locomotion is a separate executable on your system that - not unlike Ragdoll - has yet to be “code signed”. Meaning Windows or your anti-virus software might look at it suspiciously. If you can, try telling your anti-virus that it’s safe. It will be in your ~/Documents/maya/modules/Ragdoll-2022_06_09/shared/windows directory, called loco3d.exe.

You can also find the path to the Ragdoll folder in the Maya Plug-in Manager.



Hey @marcus ! thanks for the reply.

yea looks like my anti-virus is deleting the loco3d.exe.

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Ah, was afraid of that. Next on my list is to sign the Ragdoll plug-in, such that Windows and any anti-virus software knows to trust it. So hopefully this will never happen again. Thanks for bringing this up. :heart:

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