Limits on single, unparented marker?

Hi there,

I might be missing something as this is all still new to me, but here is the issue: I want to use limits on this door to make it so it can only swing open and closed when interacted with. In the full ragdoll tutorial it is suggested to use the manipulator to select a marker, then go to the limits mode and tune from there. As you can see in this screenshot, I am not getting the ability to turn the limits on, it just says “No limit”. Is that because it is a single marker, not directly connected to any others? I was thinking if I can’t get the limits to work how I’d like in this situation I might just use two pins to lock the door down where the hingers are, does that seem sensible?


Edit, forget to attach the picture:

Yes! This makes perfect sense.

What you can do is assign your own “world” marker, and reparent your door to that. There’s a post here with details on how to do that.

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